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For close to 40 years, Comfort Design has established itself as one of Singapore’s leading furniture companies fulfilling both residential and corporate needs. With the experiences gained over the years within the industry, major F&B brands have come to trust Comfort Design and became its repeated customers.

The iconic grey and blue Comfort Design building located in Eunos features showroom space that spans across 32,000 square feet. The 5-storey building also holds its administrative office and an extensive production facilities for fabricating customised items. Topped with providing exceptional after-sale service, Comfort Design's all-roundedness is the reason why the company is “More than Chairs & Tables”.

To continue to be leading Chair
& Table People in Singapore

To elevate the design atmosphere of the
contract and residential sectors via a
comprehensive range of Chair & Table
design offering.


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Singapore’s Furniture Virtuoso

We are the go-to furniture brand in Singapore, offering an extensive selection of furniture that combines the best of comfort and design.


Curating, Customising, And Everything In Between

After being in the industry for decades, we know furniture better than anyone. On top of crafting furniture for both residential and commercial purposes, we are also adept in furniture customisations. Being able to craft amazing furniture is what keeps us going.



Comfort furniture fulfills both residential and corporate needs


Our arsenal of over 2,000 furniture in different designs cater to both residential and commercial audiences. Our furniture is produced in various countries, namely China, Malaysia, and Singapore, depending on the nature of the product. With a warehouse that comprises 3 different levels and a special in-house production space, every furniture you have ever dreamt of owning can be yours. Our seasoned furniture consultants are ready to welcome and assist everyone in searching their perfect furniture. If online shopping is more to your taste, you can always choose from our remarkable website. Everything amazing is within reach at Comfort Furniture, including our revolutionary mattress brand, Baton Sleep.

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