Artificial Grass

Living in a concrete jungle doesn’t mean you are out of greenery reach. Visually inviting and low maintenance, artificial plants are a nice touch to Singapore’s living spaces! Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can now refresh your home’s indoor and outdoor areas with our synthetic carpet grass for gorgeous greenery that will never fade at Comfort Furniture, Singapore.

Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass
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There are plenty of benefits to adding greenery to your home. It can provide you with a lush respite from the concrete jungles beyond the walls of your haven. Unfortunately, the benefits of natural greenery can be outweighed by the cost of upkeep and the ensuing mess, which is why we recommend incorporating a hassle-free solution: synthetic grass carpets. They are suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. If you’re unsure about how to incorporate artificial grass into your indoor and outdoor space, here are some tips:

Outdoor Living Spaces

Although a perfectly-trimmed lawn is the ideal for most homeowners, wrangling nature into obedience in accordance with your garden plans may not always work out well. This is why opting for outdoor artificial grass is a viable décor solution as it’s easy to maintain and looks good all year round! It can also be used as a synthetic grass doormat for wiping dirt from your feet, or as a green décor on balconies for a back-to-nature look. You can even build your own cosy green sanctuary on your balcony by adding a set of outdoor chairs or benches and an outdoor coffee table to complete the set-up. Add several real or artificial planters to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous new spot to relax.

Home Interior Design

Incorporating some form of lush greenery into your home has been proven to add a calming element to your living space. Not only is green a soothing colour, indoor greenery, even artificial ones, have been proven to enhance concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels and help your eyes to relax. Artificial plants and grass also maintain the same liveliness and vibrancy all year round, which is convenient for busy professionals in Singapore to furnish their homes with.

Artificial grass can jazz up your floors, walls and furniture. You can even surprise your guests with a unique take on home accessories such as a garden-inspired table runner made out of artificial grass or giving your shelves a refreshing pop of colour and texture. You can also create a small indoor garden for your furry companions that’s perfect especially when the weather doesn’t permit outdoor walks or simply to let them roll around without getting their fur dirty.

Bringing a touch of nature into Singapore’s urban landscape can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be with Comfort Furniture’s easy DIY synthetic carpet grass. Add some greenery to your home today with versatile, evergreen synthetic grass!

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