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Having a complete bedroom is the best feeling in the world. Your most personal space at home deserves a majestic bed frame and accompanying bedroom furniture that perfects your room, such as dressing tables, mirrors and bedside tables. Find everything you need at Comfort Furniture, Singapore. For mattresses, there’s always Baton Sleep.

Perfect Your Bedroom Today

Never rush into a decision when it comes to choosing furniture for your bedroom. Unlike the other living spaces at home, the bedroom is yours and yours only. There is no need to consider what people will think of your taste in furniture. However, there are still a few things you should be aware of before choosing. These steps go a long way in perfecting your bedroom.

Step 1: Study the space you have to work with

Having an oversized dresser or a bed frame that eats up 80% of the bedroom space is never good. While the bedroom is meant for just sleeping, there are those who use it as a gaming room and as a place to do their makeup before they go to work. For the latter, a dressing table is required, and that bedroom furniture consumes a rather significant amount of space.

This also applies to the other furniture in the bedroom like bedside tables. You can’t have everything at the largest size available, especially if you own a small bedroom. Small bedrooms, in particular, require precise attention to detail, as the last thing you want is waking up next to the door. Here are some tips on styling a small bedroom.

Step 2: Decide on a colour palette

The best feeling in the world is walking into a bedroom with matching-colour furniture! It’s the least you deserve for keeping yourself together after a long day at work.

White to Light-medium Beige

Neutral colours such as these are perfect for those who look to switch up their bedroom decors every now and then, as it creates an unmatched colour contrast.


The varying shades of blue, such as serene blue, is known to have a calming and relaxing effect. It also goes well with orange beddings.

Grey & Pink

Exposure to pink creates a calming effect that helps relieve negative feelings like anger. When you pair it with shades of grey such as cool grey, it becomes much more dynamic. This combination of shades goes well with neutral-colour furniture.

You should strongly consider decorative panels for your master bedroom. It’s not as commitment-heavy as getting wall paint, has many creative designs, and can be mixed and matched to your liking. The Decorative Panels - Tracks and Decorative Panels - Bamboo, for instance, does the job perfectly with its universally-loved design. They also come in grey and pink!

On the hunt for aesthetically-pleasing bedroom furniture like dressing tables, bedside tables, bed frames in Singapore? You’ll find it all at Comfort Furniture. Shop now!