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A bed frame is the centrepiece of the bedroom. Not just that, this majestic piece of furniture also plays a role in home storage, as bed frames with storage are quickly becoming mandatory, given the amount of space it saves. Get only the best bed frames and platform beds, with or without storage, at Comfort Furniture, Singapore. For your mattress needs, there’s always Baton Sleep.

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Deliver 17/05

Valentino Bed Frame - Queen

SGD529.00 SGD699.00

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Valentino Bed Frame - King

SGD589.00 SGD739.00

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Carlson Bed Frame – Queen

SGD548.00 SGD748.00

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Deliver 26/07

Ascot Bed Frame (Divan) - Single Ascot Bed Frame (Divan) - Single
Customisable Colour


Ascot Bed Frame with Headboard Ascot Bed Frame with Headboard
Customisable Colour


Braxton Bed Frame – Single

SGD429.00 SGD569.00

Deliver 17/05

Deliver 17/05


Guide on Choosing The Right Bed Frame

Choosing a bed frame is not as simple as it sounds. Apart from elevating your mattress to provide better overall support, the bed frame is also the key furniture piece that makes a bedroom beautiful. Furthermore, with novelty pieces like bed frames and platform beds with storage now made available, this once-regular piece of furniture now plays an aesthetic and functional role. Here are some universal tips that can help you with your decision.

Tip #1: Make it go hand in hand with your bedding

While the rule of matching your bed frame with the interiors of your bedroom still stands, it’s more important for it to go hand in hand with your bedding. That being said, which one should come first? It goes both ways; if you already have a collection of matching bed sheets and duvets, select the bed frame that best compliments it, and vice versa. But do take note that bed frames are not as easy to pick as beddings, especially in terms of colour. For instance, if you favour wooden bed frames, you only have the varying shades of the colour brown to work around with. Therefore, choosing the bed frame first will be the smarter thing to do.

Tip #2: Always go for multifunctional pieces when you can afford it

While you might not need a bed frame with storage for the time being, getting one right now is better than buying another one in the near future, as there isn’t such a thing as an upgrade when it comes to bed frames. Eventually, you will run out of storage space, and space at home to place shelves and wardrobes. When that day comes, multifunctional furniture like a platform bed with storage will be of great help. So before buying your bed frame, put this into consideration.

Comfort Furniture, Singapore has a complete collection of marvelous bed frames and platform beds in their arsenal. If you also require bedroom furniture like bedside tables, dressers and mirrors – then you’re at the right place! Browse today.