Baton Sleep Mattress

Everyone deserves a quality mattress at an amazing price. Baton Sleep mattresses are built to be comfortable and sanitary with its removable covers for washing needs!

Whether you prefer your mattress firm (Regular) or less firm (Hybrid), we have the premium option that works for you.

With an innovative cooling fabric that is removable and washable, assures you have a rejuvenating sleep. Read our FAQ for more information. 


Baton Sleep Mattress
Baton Sleep Mattress
Enjoy Baton Sleep mattress for 30 nights. If it is not comfortable, we will pick it up from you and give you the full refund. The pick up, is of course free too.

Your Baton Sleep mattress is built to last and is covered by a 10-year warranty.
Enjoy 3,650 nights of restful sleep with complete peace of mind.

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