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A strong foundation is the cornerstone of every successful business, which is why you should ensure you always have a strong base – both for your F&B business and your tables. Explore Comfort Furniture’s wide range of table base options and find the ideal fit for your establishment today!

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Conical Table Base - Black

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Vox Table Base

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Hairpin Table Base

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Every Successful Business Begins With A Strong Foundation

A dining table’s legs may often be out of sight, but it holds the power to make or break your customer’s dining experience. When deciding on what kind of table base to get, factors such as the style and budget often come to mind first. However, while those aspects are important, stability, utility and quality are just as essential when choosing table bases so it’s important that you strike a balance between all these factors.


The stability of your table base largely depends on the material, architecture and the table top you intend to pair it with. Although wooden and metal table legs are classic favourites, these days, table bases are also available in a wide variety of modern materials such as stainless steel, chrome, cast iron and die-cast aluminium.

A table base can also come in various forms depending on the material and style used to make it. From spindly-legged designs to pedestal bases, cross-legged bases and trestle table bases, there’s something that will suit the dining table style you have in mind.

In the event of an uneven floor situation, you can count on Comfort Furniture’s auto-calibrating table base, Flat® Table Legs. Flat® table legs come equipped with a patented hydraulic technology to stabilise and align tables.


Modern table bases aren’t just for holding up table tops. Depending on the style and type you opt for, some table bases are also useful for their height-adjustable and nestable designs which can come in handy if you’re trying to save space. A height-adjustable table will also ensure that it will most definitely fit whatever chairs you opt to pair it with, be it dining chairs or bar stools. Folding table bases with aluminium table legs that come with foldable table top feature and nestable feet designs are popular choices for F&B businesses as they can be quickly unfolded to provide additional seating space and folded away come closing time. This is also great for outdoor seating areas, hence why most of Comfort Furniture’s foldable high and bar table legs are made of aluminium!


It goes without saying that no matter the style, purpose or type of table base you choose, it should be of the highest quality, hence you should first consider the durability of the material you have opted for. Ensure that the table legs or base are easy to clean as well to better equip your establishment for business post-circuit breaker.


Looking for something more that’s not within Comfort Furniture’s standard catalogue? Worry not, as we can also create customisable table legs. Share your material of choice and floor plan specifications (if any) and we’ll handle the rest.

No matter your material preference or specification, there’s bound to be a table base that will fit your requirements at Comfort Furniture, Singapore. Discover the right table legs to elevate your F&B establishment’s dining ambiance today and help your establishment put its best foot forward!