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Add a splash of colour and texture to your space with decorative panels! Modern-day decorative panels are more than just colourful additions to your walls. It can be used to punctuate the colour of the walls, as an alternative to complex wall painting or wallpapers, and even to elevate the look of your furniture. Browse our decorative panel options for walls and furniture to find the inspiration for your next space upgrade.

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Enhance Interior Aesthetics With Decorative Panels

Trendy and available in various sizes, decorative panels have never been better for renovations and furniture customisations. Decorative panels don’t just add a splash of colour to walls when used as wall panels, but it also functions to protect your walls, provide thermal insulation to a certain degree and help to reduce ambient noise. When used as decorative furniture panels, it gives your existing furniture a facelift without needing to spend hundreds on refurbishing.

A Variety of Colours and Designs

Comfort Furniture, Singapore currently offers two panel designs, Bamboo and Tracks that are both suitable for use as wall panels and decorative furniture panels. Play around with colours and switch up the vibe of a room by simply adding wood wall panelling in the colour of your choosing. If you’re feeling creative, why not switch it up by combining different coloured wood wall panelling for an eye-catching patchwork effect instead?

Usage in Renovations

Repainting your walls can be rather costly and messy, hence coloured wall cladding comes in handy to change the colour of a space with less fuss. Comfort Furniture, Singapore’s wall panels come in various, visually-impactful designs that can be used to ‘alter’ space. For instance, if you install our wall panels vertically, the room looks taller. Do it diagonally and it becomes more youthful and playful. For more ways on how to use our wall claddings creatively, refer to the link here. With the way it’s designed, coming up with new application methods or installation patterns are only a matter of time!

Usage in Furniture Customisations

Decorative wood panels don’t have to be relegated only to the walls when they look just as good as a decorative feature on furniture. Customise your shelves or TV consoles with decorative furniture panels for a new look instead of spending exorbitant amounts of money on refurbishing your space. If hiring experts to customise is too much of a hassle for you , you can also opt to purchase Comfort Furniture’s dining table or coffee table that already comes with the decorative furniture panels attached.

Give your home or establishment a touch of style with the minimalistic elegance of Comfort Furniture’s beautiful decorative panels.