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Gaming Chairs

With the rise of online gaming, the humble computer chair has had to evolve to better fit your needs, and nobody understands this better than all of us at Comfort Furniture, Singapore. Meet our wide range of gaming chairs, built to be flexible, comfortable, and ergonomic. They’ll never let you down because your comfort is our aim.

Yoriko Highback Office Chair Yoriko Highback Office Chair
Customisable Colour

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McGill Highback Office Chair McGill Highback Office Chair
Customisable Colour

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Riku Highback Office Chair Riku Highback Office Chair
Customisable Colour

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Astrid Highback Office Chair Astrid Highback Office Chair
Customisable Colour

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Jorca Highback Office Chair Jorca Highback Office Chair
Customisable Colour
Jorca Highback Office Chair

SGD399.00 SGD548.00

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Boris Highback Office Chair

SGD259.00 SGD309.23

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Go to the Next Level with Gaming Chairs

The gaming experience is more than just about the game. A conducive environment also contributes greatly to how fun the experience becomes and there’s no better way to help you create the best gaming environment than to have a tidy space, a spacious desk for your gaming peripherals and a comfy gaming chair to help you stay focused on the game. With Comfort Furniture, the perfect gaming environment is definitely within reach. Having a comfortable and ergonomic gaming chair helps to not only enrich your gaming experience but also prevents you from developing aches and pains often associated with long hours spent sitting down.

When it comes to picking the right gaming or office chair, comfort should be your main priority. After all, you’ll be spending plenty of time sitting on it. Hence, it would be advisable to pick a computer chair that has ergonomic features such as lumbar support, neck support, backrest tilt flexibility, adjustable height, padded headrests, anti-shock and synchro-tilt mechanisms for next-level comfort. With such ergonomic features, your gaming chair is versatile enough to accommodate whatever activities you choose to do while on it, be it gaming, bingeing on your favourite dramas, working, studying or even taking a nap.

A computer chair should be impeccably designed to be both versatile appearance-wise and capable of providing full-body support so it can easily transition from gaming chair to office chair whenever necessary. Avoid showy-looking gaming chairs that do little for your back posture. Instead, it’s best to pick a gaming chair with clean, stylish lines that will not only work well with any existing furniture but will also work well as part of your home office set-up. Most importantly, it should come with a proper and adjustable lumbar support to suit your evolving needs.

Build the perfect gaming room for yourself today with Comfort Furniture, Singapore. With stylish and practical storage solutions for your gaming equipment, ergonomic desks that are perfect for work and play as well as comfy, multipurpose gaming chairs, you can level up your game with just a click of your mouse. Start browsing our wide range of gaming room solutions now.