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Dining Room

Whether it’s a sumptuous festive spread with guests or a cosy meal with your loved ones, a dining room is an integral part of your home. Equip your dining room with the most stylish modern dining tables and dining room chairs, made available at Comfort Furniture, Singapore!

Furnishing Your Dining Room From Scratch

Most homeowners face the prospect of limited space to create the dining room of their dreams. Fortunately, you can still create a dedicated dining space by allocating a specific area in your home that’s big enough for a dining set. Unlike previous bulkier kitchen furniture, Comfort Furniture, Singapore has plenty of options to bring your dining room dreams to life no matter the space constraints you face. However, before rushing into purchasing a dining table and chairs for your home, it’s advisable to take the following factors into consideration.

Determining Adequate Dining Space

There’s no greater disappointment than purchasing the dining table of your dreams, then realising that it just won’t fit into your allocated dining space. To prevent this from happening, it’s essential to measure the space you’ve allocated for your dining area prior to deciding which style and type of dining furniture you need for your home.

While taking into consideration the size of your home, do take note of how many occupants you expect to seat at your dining table as well. Once you’ve listed out the space requirements and constraints, it’s time to go dining table and chairs hunting!

Types of Table for Dining

When figuring out how to choose the right dining table for your home, it’s important to consider several factors, namely the design, versatility, space limitations and style of the dining table.

A great space-saving option would be to look for a dining table with a bench rather than the traditional dining table and chairs set. As the entire bench can be tucked under the table, it frees up some precious walkway space for the comfort of everybody at home. Not a fan of entertaining at home and just need a cosy corner for yourself and your partner? Get a chic bar counter table and matching bar counter stools instead for a super space-saver that’s still Instagram-worthy!

Types of Seat for Dining

There are many types of seats you can choose for your dining room, including purchasing your dining table with a bench. At Comfort Furniture, Singapore, you have plenty of options when it comes to your kitchen furniture, from modern dining room chairs to traditional-style chairs.

If you’re looking for space efficiency and manoeuvrability, opt for stackable chairs or low stools. Homes with elderly individuals may benefit from dining room chairs that feature upholstered backs and armrests for more comfort while homes with young children would require chairs made out of easy-to-clean materials to counter the inevitable spills and drips. Is your dining chair also doubling up as your work-from-home chair? Then a chair with moulded foam structure will provide you with better support as you punch hours into your laptop.

While there’s plenty of advice on how to harmoniously mix and match your dining room chairs to your dining table, ultimately the choice is yours. Find your dream dining room furniture at Comfort Furniture, Singapore today!