Dining benches aren’t just for school cafeterias! You can have a dining bench or two as an alternate seating furniture to dining chairs in Singapore’s compact homes. Browse our wide range of dining benches to complement your dining table at Comfort Furniture, Singapore and create your ideal dining room set-up today.

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Dining sets have undergone an evolution from the traditional set-up consisting of dining tables and dining chairs. The humble dining bench has now joined the ranks as a seating option that’s both space-saving and versatile. While there have been debates on whether the dining chair or contemporary dining bench is “better”, it ultimately depends on the kind of style you’re hoping to achieve and the space constraints to be mindful of.


At Comfort Furniture, Singapore, we aim to dispel the old school of thought that furnishing your dining area with a dining bench or two is not a mismatch. Upholstered indoor dining benches can add sophistication to homes, fine dining restaurants and even in office lounge areas. Some dining benches also come with cushioned seats for a more comfortable seating. However, if you still prefer the way a wooden bench looks but want some added padding, it might be a good idea to customise a cushioned seat pad that fits snugly around your bench. Meanwhile, families who like outdoor activities can arrange outdoor tables and a bench or two to withstand Singapore’s tropical weather. A long, outdoor bench or more is a great investment for families living in houses with garden spaces in Singapore.


Dining benches are suitable for homeowners looking to save space in their dining rooms. Most benches do not have backs or armrests and can therefore be pushed under the dining table and out of sight. To save space for outdoor dining, Comfort Furniture, Singapore has convertible bench options like Canaan that can easily convert to a full dining set.

Easy on the eyes

Benches add an inviting, communal touch to dining tables and when paired with dining chairs, it makes things more visually interesting. As most Singaporean homes tend to be high-rise buildings, space constraints may be a challenge when it comes to finding enough space to execute your interior designing ideas. Thankfully, benches are one of the most versatile furniture pieces despite their length and size. An upholstered dining bench can easily double as an ottoman for your bedroom while a wooden bench can be used as a makeshift coffee table or even console table.

Whether you prefer your bench short or long, cushioned or sleek wood, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs at Comfort Furniture, Singapore. Additionally, we also offer custom services for people who prefer certain colours and sizes within our selection of bench designs. Shop now at Comfort Furniture, Singapore!

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