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The centrepiece of every dining room is none other than dining tables. This majestic piece sets the mood of the entire space, and is also the furniture where we spend hours reminiscing about old times with our family and friends. Find round, wooden, extendable, and even foldable dining tables at Comfort Furniture, Singapore. They are customisable too.

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How To Choose A Dining Table For Your Home

As the dining table is the centrepiece of your dining room, careful consideration is required. This mood-setter can make or break your living room, so here are a few things you should consider before choosing one.

1. The space you have to work with

For starters, most homes in Singapore are of medium size. While getting a large dining table is great, it might eat up a lot of useful space. After all, nobody would want to clutter the dining area. In situations like these, extendable dining tables are the best. When eating as a couple, you can use the table as it is. When catering to a larger crowd, you can always extend it. If you want to save even more space, there’s always the option of foldable dining tables.

2. The design

Unlike dining chairs, dining tables are all about design and practicality as there are no aspects of comfort involved. The entire atmosphere of the dining room can be altered by the dining table, and it’s mainly because of the finishing. For instance, dining tables with a terrazzo top will evoke nostalgia, while wooden or laminate dining tables create a fine balance between classic and contemporary. Marble or ceramic tables, on the other hand, will create a modern, timeless and classy vibe. Ultimately, it depends on what kind of mood you want to achieve.

If you have extra space to work with at the dining area, you should always consider getting bar or counter tables. These taller tables can be used to place many other items in the kitchen, and can also be used to recreate that romantic first date with your loved one!

Don’t have the luxury of space for a proper dining table?

Chances are, you’ll be dining in front of your couch. That’s not an issue so long as you go for a height-adjustable table that allows you to dine in comfort without slouching. Select ergonomic tables like Harrison or Dex that doubles up as a coffee table and a dining table. There are also a selection of other tables for a more cosy setup. The rule of thumb is to go for tables with a table top size of a coffee table and the height of a regular dining table.

When it comes to dining tables, including wooden, extendable, round, and foldable ones, you can always visit us at Comfort Furniture, Singapore. If you’d like your dining table customised, we offer such services too!