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Coffee tables are more than just complementary furniture. A coffee table is an important piece of furniture that enables us to do so many things. Find your living room’s statement piece and tea time companion at Comfort Furniture, Singapore today. With a wide range of styles, materials, colours, shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find one that speaks to your personal style.

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Sora Coffee Table - H500 Sora Coffee Table - H500
Customisable Colour & Size

Deliver 19/04

Sora Coffee Table - H420 Sora Coffee Table - H420
Customisable Colour & Size

In Stock

Deliver 10/05

Deliver 31/05

In Stock

In Stock

Kylie Coffee Table – Small

SGD119.00 SGD159.00

In Stock

Azan Coffee Table - W1200

SGD498.00 SGD799.00

Sold Out - Incoming shipment TBA

In Stock

Sold Out - Incoming shipment TBA

Lami x Carrie Side Table

SGD99.00 SGD229.00

In-store exclusive

Xander Coffee Table - W1200

SGD498.00 SGD819.00

Sold Out - Incoming shipment TBA

Xander Coffee Table - W500

SGD228.00 SGD399.00

In Stock

Oxford Coffee Table

SGD119.00 SGD158.00

In Stock

Deliver 21/05

In Stock

Sold Out - Incoming shipment TBA

Nasri Coffee Table – Big

SGD248.00 SGD355.00

In Stock

Nasri Coffee Table – Small

SGD128.00 SGD199.00

Deliver 16/04

Deliver 29/04

Deliver 29/04

Deliver 26/07

Find Coffee Tables of All Shapes and Sizes at Comfort Furniture

Other than adding to the aesthetics of your living room, coffee tables, particularly one with built-in storage can also be a practical solution to clearing your living room of clutter. Kicking back and relaxing to watch a movie just wouldn’t be the same without a coffee table.

Place Anything and Everything

Hanging out in the living room means unwinding as you enjoy conversations or catch up with your favourite drama series, and a coffee table provides you with ample space to empty your pockets before you let loose. Make a stunning living room statement with a sofa in a matching colourway or lounge chairs if you prefer having more personal space. If you’re running out of storage space in your TV console to stash your gaming gadgets, opt for a stylish coffee table in a similar style with an in-built storage compartment.

A Broad Spectrum of Styles, Shapes and Sizes

Coffee tables are flexible in a sense that come built in different styles, shapes and sizes. At Comfort Furniture, Singapore, there’s always a coffee table to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a glass coffee table for that minimalist vibe or are looking to baby-proof your home with a round coffee table, there’s bound to be a coffee table in the style you prefer for sale at Comfort Furniture, Singapore that will catch your eye. A glance at your existing interior décor should be able to help you decide on the kind of style you want your coffee table to be in. A coffee table with a glass top would fit in well with classy, minimalist interiors while a round terrazzo coffee table will evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Coffee tables are also built to meet evolving needs. As of late, people have been searching for coffee tables that are not only heavy and stable, but can be tucked under their beds or sofas to save space. The Elevate Table possesses all of the qualities mentioned, and is height-adjustable too!

Finding the right coffee table to suit your home doesn’t have to be a hassle when there are so many different styles, shapes and sizes of coffee tables for sale at Comfort Furniture, Singapore. The perfect coffee table is just a click away, so browse our collections today!