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Vertical space can be effectively used to save space. Shop shelves and cabinets and start uncluttering your living (or corporate) space. Various types from wall mount units to modular storage ones to let your creative juice flow.

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Tyson Shelf - W560

SGD698.00 SGD1,169.00

In Stock

Tyson Sideboard - Short

SGD998.00 SGD1,699.00

Deliver 19/12

Iwaki Shelf

SGD129.00 SGD169.00

In Stock

Idona Shelf

SGD69.00 SGD125.00

In Stock

Magic 7 Box Shelf

SGD299.00 SGD399.00

In Stock

Rubic Modular Shelf

SGD248.00 SGD348.00

In Stock

In Stock

Yoko Shelf 2x2

SGD119.00 SGD169.00

In Stock

Subway Shelves / Shoe Rack

SGD159.00 SGD259.00

In Stock

Ti – 4 Tier Shelf

SGD79.00 SGD219.00

Sold Out - Incoming shipment TBA

Yoko Shelf 6L - W735

SGD248.00 SGD329.00

In Stock

Yoko Shelf 6L - W1200

SGD448.00 SGD525.00

Sold Out - Incoming shipment TBA

Boot Shoe Bench

SGD148.00 SGD229.00

Deliver 29/03

Flux Drawer

SGD29.00 SGD59.00

In Stock

In Stock

Alicia Storage Stool/Coffee Table Alicia Storage Stool/Coffee Table
Customisable Colour

Deliver 18/01

Arsenal Storage Stool/Coffee Table/Tray Arsenal Storage Stool/Coffee Table/Tray
Customisable Colour

In Stock


Khimki Shelf – W1200

SGD198.00 SGD315.00