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Practical, stylish and space-saving, side tables are a must-have in every home! From complementing bigger seating furniture to aesthetically enhancing your overall living space, side tables elevate your living room to the next level of comfort. Browse Comfort Furniture, Singapore’s wide variety of side tables and find your sofa’s new best side-kick today.

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Butcher Blocked Stool / Side Table Butcher Blocked Stool / Side Table
Customisable Colour

In Stock

In Stock

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Lami x Carrie Side Table

SGD99.00 SGD229.00

In-store exclusive

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Alicia Storage Stool/Coffee Table Alicia Storage Stool/Coffee Table
Customisable Colour

Deliver 03/05

Arsenal Storage Stool/Coffee Table/Tray Arsenal Storage Stool/Coffee Table/Tray
Customisable Colour

Deliver 26/04

In Stock

Javier Coffee Table - W600

SGD279.00 SGD495.00

In Stock

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Nasri Coffee Table – Small

SGD128.00 SGD199.00

Deliver 17/05

Deliver 19/04

Kylie Coffee Table – Small

SGD119.00 SGD159.00

In Stock

Deliver 26/04

Deliver 12/04

Lappy Coffee Table Lappy Coffee Table
Customisable Colour
Lappy Coffee Table

SGD199.00 SGD299.00

In Stock

Side Tables for the Living Room

Side tables are typically placed beside sofas in the living room, but that doesn’t mean they’re only there to play second fiddle to your other furniture! Although smaller in size than coffee tables, side tables are ideal for displaying your favourite little trinkets or even for keeping your favourite cuppa and snacks close to you.

Storage for Small Items

As most homes in Singapore tend to be strapped for space, a side table is a great way to make the most of the space that you do have, particularly if your side table comes with built-in drawers. A side table with built-in drawers can also work as an alternative to a bedside table in a pinch. Side tables that have additional compartments give you plenty of extra space for storing clutter out of sight while still keeping your living room or bedroom in style. Tuck in a book, your favourite magazines, remote controls and more into the built-in drawers and say hello to your now mess-free space!

Adds Character to Your Living Room

Your side table doesn’t have to play side-kick to your sofa, all the time. Getting a small side table with a fun pattern such as terrazzo or a classy marble-top can make it a statement piece all on its own. You don’t have to relegate your side table to just placing your drinks, snacks and small trinkets either. A side table works just as well as a corner accent table which is perfect for a dramatic floral arrangement. For example, artificial planters can be used for fuss-free green décor. You can also opt for picture frames to insert memorable photos of you and your loved ones or even frame your favourite artwork. For added functionality, why not go for small side tables that can be tucked under your chairs or sofas? Unlike standalone side tables which can only be placed beside your seating furniture, this type of side table is portable, making it the ideal ad-hoc table to slot into your couch! There are also adjustable slot-in side tables which you can adjust to a comfortable height.

Ready to add the convenience of a side table to your living space? Browse and discover our selection of side tables in various shapes and designs at Comfort Furniture today!