Sofa Beds

Having friends over for movie night? Or a gaming session in the living room? Sofa beds are made for such occasions and more! Sofa beds, single sofa beds or futon beds are space-saving solutions every household in Singapore needs. Introduce comfort and convenience into your living space with Comfort Furniture, Singapore’s range of sofa beds!

Sofa Beds
Sofa Beds
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Sofa Beds: Ideal Beds for the Living Room

Space-saving, comfortable and easily converted into a bed within seconds - the sofa bed sounds like a dream come true for Singaporeans in urban living situations who are strapped for space but still want to entertain guests at home. Foldable sofa beds and futon beds are so convenient and comfy you may just want to have one for the sake of getting comfy in front of your television!

Space-Saving Solution

Sofa beds function as both seating options and a sleeping place in living rooms or apartments with smaller bedrooms. For Singaporeans who live alone, a single sofa bed or futon bed would be a great alternative to traditional bed frames and mattresses. Simply fold it away and voila, you’ll have created more floor space or an additional seat! Whether you prefer a single sofa bed to fit into a small bedroom or a bigger one for your living room, Comfort Furniture, Singapore has one to suit your needs and space constraints. You can even find a sofa bed option with built-in storage space to stash away your blankets and pillows when not in use.

Two Beds Are Better Than One

Sometimes having one bed just isn’t enough. This is where a foldable sofa bed comes in handy. However, there are several factors to consider before deciding which sofa bed to pick such as size, material and frame quality, just to name a few. Once you’ve decided on the sofa bed you wish to purchase, consider adding creature comforts such as cushions and bedside tables to prepare your guests or yourself for a cosy night on the “couch”.

Explore the different types of sofa beds available or find matching living room furniture that suits your needs today at Comfort Furniture, Singapore!

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