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Entertaining, socialising, relaxing – the living room is the heart of every home with the television or its likes being the centrepiece of the space. So, what better way to make your living room as conducive as possible for these fun activities than with an aesthetically pleasing and practical multiple-storage TV console? Explore and buy from Comfort Furniture, Singapore’s range of gorgeous, space-saving TV consoles to complete your living room today!

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Deliver 19/04

Hirato TV Console – W1700

SGD548.00 SGD648.00

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Deliver 12/07

Javier TV Console - W1800

SGD898.00 SGD1,275.00

Deliver 13/05

Ferah TV Console – W1700

SGD598.00 SGD698.00

In Stock

Xander TV Console - W1650

SGD698.00 SGD1,199.00

In Stock

Xander TV Console - W2000

SGD798.00 SGD1,439.00

Deliver 13/05

Tyson TV Console - W2100

SGD1,298.00 SGD1,789.00

In Stock

Belovo TV Console – W2000

SGD698.00 SGD1,079.00

Sold Out - Incoming shipment TBA

Ufa TV Console – W1780

SGD398.00 SGD529.00

Sold Out - Incoming shipment TBA

Liski TV Console – W1780

SGD498.00 SGD699.00


Shali TV Console – W1400

SGD498.00 SGD569.00


Maykop TV Console – W1500

SGD698.00 SGD1,169.00


Engeli TV Console – W1500

SGD898.00 SGD1,445.00


Zenith TV Console – W1280

SGD448.00 SGD655.00


Kirov TV Console – W1600

SGD498.00 SGD699.00


Khaz TV Console – W1180

SGD298.00 SGD399.00


Khaz TV Console – W1780

SGD348.00 SGD485.00


Shuya TV Console – W1800

SGD698.00 SGD889.00


Neat and Sleek TV Consoles

With real estate leaning towards high-rise homes in Singapore, many often face the issue of space. As a result, the majority of homeowners have opted to mount their television to the wall to make the most out of their small living spaces. Alternatively, there are some who prefer to have a TV console cabinet that not only is used for placing your television set, but it also functions as an additional storage for Wi-Fi routers, family photos and other items. Read on to know more about which type of television console is suitable for your living space.

Off-the-Shelf TV Console vs Customised TV Console


Going for an off-the-shelf console is attractive for most people because of its mobility, which makes it great for future proofing! This type of TV console can be easily moved to a new room or pushed to a corner to create more floor space. It’s useful for those who want to give their homes a makeover every few years. However, if you prefer to have a customised TV console, it is usually wall-mounted, floor-mounted or both. This means you cannot shift it to a new position if you plan to make room for other furniture or to organise indoor family activities.

Extra Storage Space

If you have a number of personal requirements, opt for a custom-made TV console. You can decide on the measurement and number of shelves and drawers for extra storage space. Furthermore, you can get to select your preferred laminate colour to match with the rest of your home interior design.

A ready-made TV console cabinet, on the other hand, is more affordable than a custom-made TV console due to it being mass produced. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient TV console with built-in storage for minimal clutter, getting an off-the-shelf TV console may be suitable for your furniture needs. Keen on taking home a sleek off-the-shelf TV console? We have a good selection of ready-made TV consoles to buy here at Comfort Furniture, Singapore.

On another note, you can choose to complete your living room with matching side tables or a coffee table. If you have space to spare, add a set of shelves to make the most of your vertical space. Another handy space-saving furniture tip would be to invest in a modular sofa so that you can rearrange your living room into a mini home theatre that’s perfect for enjoying movie nights together with your loved ones.

Looking for a practical, good-looking TV console? Comfort Furniture, Singapore has TV console cabinets that fit the current interior colour trends to suit your existing colour scheme. Browse and discover our exquisite TV console selections today!