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Lobby & Break Out

An office isn’t complete without the right furniture and with the dynamism of today’s offices. Finding the right balance between corporate and comfort has become even more important. Furniture isn’t just decorative – they’re the cornerstone to any modern office. Whether it’s breakout seating options for the office lobby or acoustic solutions and modular furniture that you need, Comfort Furniture, Singapore is here to fulfil all your office seating needs.

Things to Consider when Choosing Office Furniture

Most of our office needs can be easily fulfilled by getting the right furniture for the job. Be it a discussion or a brief break from the grind, the right piece of furniture can make a world of difference. Following the aftermath of the COVID-19 circuit breaker, the need for social distancing will undoubtedly affect the layout of furniture in office spaces and hotel lobbies in Singapore going forward. Equipping the office for the new normal can be daunting, which is why strong considerations and planning are required.

Meeting Social Distancing Needs

In the effort to adjust to the new normal, office layouts will have to adapt to social distancing rules, which makes flexible furniture such as modular sofas and mobile pedestals great options. Mobile furniture such as modular sofas, stools and poufs in your office reception area will provide guests and staff with the option to move their seats to better accommodate social distancing rules. Consider adding personal side tables in your office lobby area as well to avoid having to share tables during discussions. Mobile office cabinets and pedestals will also ease the strain of having to move seats when necessary while providing much-needed space to safely store your personal belongings.

Meeting Social Needs

Socialising in the office is inevitable, but you can always make it a safer process for everyone involved by adding easy-to-clean and comfortable furniture to your office layout. In view of the social distancing policy, taking a precautionary measure such as adding office accessories like partition screens and acrylic shields to each cubicle will still allow staff to communicate efficiently while adhering to the recommended distance. Instead of multiple-seater sofas, opt for comfortable lounge chairs instead so everyone can do their part to keep their distance while socialising in the office.

Meeting Privacy Needs

Keeping your distance may be important but privacy should still be a top priority. With the added distance, conversations may get a little too loud, hence adding Comfort Furniture, Singapore’s high-back sofas to your must-have furniture list is a no-brainer. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, high-back sofas also provide an added shield between you and passers-by and block out most external noises. A high-back sofa can provide much-needed privacy for discussions in office reception areas in addition to providing a place to chat, catch a quick nap or even to get some work done should there be no private office pods or meeting rooms available.

Don’t let social distancing requirements stop you from creating the perfect office environment. Choose from Comfort Furniture, Singapore’s wide selection of office furniture and design your ideal office or hotel lobby space today.