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Coffee tables aren’t just for cafés and homes. They’re great multi-purpose furniture pieces that are especially useful in office spaces as well. With the right coffee tables, you can even elevate the ambiance of your office and reception areas from the current professional setting to a semi-casual corporate environment.

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Buying coffee tables are suitable for space-constrained homes and offices in Singapore. With office space often being rather limited, additional desk space is always welcome, particularly in lobbies, common areas, pantries or break-out rooms. Including several coffee tables in your office layout will not only help you to increase the amount of available desk space, but it also adds a stylish touch to your establishment.

Design Flexibility

Nowadays, coffee tables are designed to have multiple features to provide more functions and comfortability for home and office use. For example, a height adjustable coffee table like Elevate has a lever that you can adjust to turn it into either a standing desk for informal discussions, or to a comfortable dining table height when sitting on a sofa. Wider, height adjustable coffee tables like Harrison can be converted from a coffee table to a dining table with its silent lift and slide mechanism. Meanwhile, expandable ones like Stretch is a practical coffee table to have where you can close it up to 700mm width to store away and stretch it out to 1200mm width when you need the table. If you want a coffee table that is both height adjustable and expandable, look out for our Dex model!

Need coffee tables that can accommodate tight spaces? Nestable ones like Dina, Gaby and Tempo are capable of being stacked one on top of another, which makes it great for creating more floor space in small rooms.


Coffee tables are more versatile than you think, and shouldn’t just be confined to office reception areas. Multi-functional ones like Nasri Coffee Table (Small) can double up as a serving tray, while our Sora coffee table collections can be converted into benches with the addition of a seat pad. Looking for further functionality? Our Arsenal is a 4-in-1 stool where you can use it as a stool, storage space, serving tray and a coffee table!

Besides that, tall coffee tables like Fygan and Romeo ensure good posture, allowing users to dine or work from the comfort of their sofa without having to hunch over.

Some coffee tables like our Nord series come with additional storage space underneath the tabletop, keeping away unsightly clutter from the floor. If you prefer a wider coffee table with open shelves like Tyson, or Xander (W1200) that has a combination of an open shelf and a drawer, these coffee tables are just what you need! However, if you still require additional space for staff or clients to store their belongings securely, you may opt to place several shelves and other storage options strategically around your office space.

A Great Design Piece

A coffee table is great for creating an aesthetically pleasing commercial interior that will impress your clients from the get-go. Buying a coffee table shouldn’t just be done on a whim even if there are many options available among furniture stores in Singapore. it should be an investment worthy of gracing your establishment, not just in terms of looks but quality as well. You will need durable commercial coffee tables that will withstand the test of time and the many clients and employees that will be using it in the future.

Your coffee table should also enhance rather than distract from your establishment’s existing interior décor style. Dark or light wood, black or white marble, glass, elegant terrazzo — the choice is yours to bring out the best of your office interior with well-designed commercial coffee tables. Comfort Furniture has a wide range of coffee tables that can be easily customised to suit your brand, be it shape, colour or even size. For an office space that is both fun yet professional, you can opt for more vibrant hues and contemporary styles that will add a creative flair to the space.

On the lookout for sturdy yet sophisticated coffee tables to spice up your office interior? Explore Comfort Furniture’s extensive range of coffee tables today!