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Height Adjustable Tables

As human needs are ever-evolving, conventional office desks are quickly giving way to a more modern, flexible table option known as height-adjustable tables – favoured for their flexibility and effectiveness. When it comes to sourcing for high quality height-adjustable computer or laptop tables in Singapore, you can always depend on Comfort Furniture.

Height-Adjustable Tables: A Better Experience Overall

Height-adjustable tables are tables that come equipped with a hydraulic-gas lift system, allowing its users to adjust its height at will. With this function, an ordinary table becomes truly multi-purpose, making it extremely useful on many occasions.

Suitable for most situations

Firstly, it can be used while seated or standing. Also known as sit stand desks or adjustable standing desks, all it takes for you to convert it from one to the other is the tap of a button; and it takes less than a minute! Those who prefer to stay on their feet after lunch will find adjustable laptop or computer tables very useful. Growing children can also benefit from height-adjustable study tables like Tito, which can go as low as 60cm in height, and available in 3 different table top sizes.

Reduces the effects of staying seated for long periods

Secondly, it helps reduce the harsh effects of staying seated for long periods. It’s not uncommon to find yourselves wanting to stand for a brief moment after staying seated for too long during work. With adjustable standing desks, you can do just that while continuing with your work. No disruption at all!

Comes with many variations and are customisable

If you are the type who loves to customise their table tops, you will love what Comfort Furniture, Singapore has in store. Apart from complete pieces of height-adjustable tables for laptops or computers (from hydraulic base to the table top), they also have individual height-adjustable table bases with castors. If you are looking to equip every employee with a height-adjustable table, the Tito Dual-Sided Height Adjustable Table Leg is your best bet!

If getting an entire table is not an option, as you are perfectly okay with your current table, there’s always the option of Comfort Furniture’s Amp Sit/Stand Desk Riser. We genuinely care about your needs, and therefore carefully crafted this piece of furniture.

Speaking of a better experience overall, a good ergonomic chair also plays a huge role. Most importantly, when you pair the right ergonomic chair and a height-adjustable table, literally everything becomes customisable and ultimately – much more comfortable.

In need of height-adjustable laptop or computer tables in Singapore? Comfort Furniture has all of that, including office furniture and more. Browse now!