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As most office spaces are communal, getting a little privacy might be difficult. This includes the occasional personal phone call to have one-on-one concalls with stakeholders. Not to mention, the inevitable choice of sharing a workspace in coworking spaces. Comfort Furniture, Singapore offers innovative, sound-reduction acoustic phone booths and privacy pods – the perfect solution.

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The Importance of Office Privacy Pods

Most people might ask: why not use meeting rooms, or that little corner in the office that nobody goes to? Firstly, meeting rooms are made for groups, not individuals. Next, corner areas of the office are still fairly open, so having a professional or long-duration conversation in the open might prove disruptive to the work environment. Fortunately, there are innovative office furniture like soundproof or sound-reduction privacy pods, which does wonders in situations like these. Here’s why.

It’s compact and multi-functional

Those who rent office spaces would know that space is not a commodity. The last thing you want is office furniture that consumes maximum space without providing double the amount of benefits in return. Office phone booths or privacy pods are favoured for being compact and multi-functional. Not to mention, for having great design that will only compliment the office space. These office pods can be used for personal phone calls, concalls with the client, and more!

It comes in varying sizes

Did you know that 80% of meetings only involve six people or less? If your employees are required to frequently conduct meetings as a small group, certain office meeting pods, like the ones from Comfort Furniture, Singapore comes in multiple sizes. There’s the 1-pax variant, 2-pax variant and also one that fits up to six people comfortably. Comfort Furniture’s 6-pax variant is like a mini meeting room, and professional discussions will require proper equipment like tables. You can always explore their range of height and/or width adjustable tables, made to cater spaces of different sizes. Now, the large meeting room at the office can finally be effectively utilised.

It comes with sound-reduction

When it comes to noise from the common area and also privacy issues, there’s no better solution than office furniture like soundproof or sound-reduction privacy pods. The user will feel comfortable when having confidential conversations inside the acoustic pod, and the remaining employees can continue working as usual. It’s a win-win situation for everybody!

For a workplace and employees that are happier and more productive, browse the collection of acoustic pods, privacy pods, meeting pods, office phone booths and many more office furniture at Comfort Furniture, Singapore now.