Outdoor Coffee Tables

Be it for your patio or establishment, Comfort Furniture has the outdoor coffee table to fit your aesthetic and practical needs. Complete your outdoor experience with quality phenolic table tops, isotop table tops and other outdoor furniture from Comfort Furniture, Singapore today.

Outdoor Coffee Tables
Outdoor Coffee Tables
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Spend Quality Time Outdoors With Quality Outdoor Coffee Tables

Choosing a coffee table is a vastly different process depending on whether you’re buying one for the outdoors or the indoors. While both perform similar functions, the temperatures, weather conditions and customer behaviour they have to withstand are different, thus requiring different characteristics, particularly in a humid climate such as Singapore’s. Outdoor furniture such as coffee tables, chairs, benches, sofas and loungers are generally built to withstand the much higher temperatures and weather conditions, with desirable characteristics such as being fade-proof, rust-resistant, water-resistant and more. However, there are other factors that should be considered when buying outdoor furniture as well such as space constraints, budget, material and the style you wish to apply to your space.

Understanding User Behaviour

When buying a coffee table, it’s important to understand the user behaviour prior to making the purchase. For example, an indoor coffee table would be typically used to house snacks and various household items such as remote controls or even magazines but conditions would be rather regulated in terms of temperature and humidity. Whereas an outdoor coffee table would be commonly used to place food and beverages as we enjoy the view from our patio or balcony where they are subject to sun and humidity. Therefore, this calls for tabletops that are not just easy to clean but low-maintenance as well. You can also opt to pair your outdoor coffee table with outdoor sofas and loungers if you have space to spare or outdoor chairs and benches if you have a smaller patio or balcony.

Outdoor coffee tables used in establishments such as cafes or coffee houses also require the same characteristics of being easy to clean and maintain. Additionally, establishments with designated smoking areas will also require coffee tables that are heat and stain-resistant such as Comfort Furniture’s Phenolic and Isotop Table Tops.

Resistance To Harsh Weather

Ultimately, the number one quality you should look for when buying an outdoor coffee table is weather resistance. It’s essential to choose an outdoor coffee table that’s made from materials that are less vulnerable to sun damage such as durable PE wicker or materials that are durable regardless of weather such as aluminium. Whether your coffee table will be exposed to the elements on your unshaded balcony or continue being used in the shade of your small patio, a weather-resistant outdoor coffee table will be able to serve you well for many years to come if it is made from high quality, durable materials such as the ones available here at Comfort Furniture, Singapore.

Elevate your experience of the great outdoors with Comfort Furniture’s curated list of outdoor coffee tables today. You’ll be finding every excuse to be lounging out in the sun soon enough!

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