Multiple Adjustments

Sleep or lounge in, and everything else

Our adjustable bed comes with convenient one-touch presets as well as manual elevation controls for your preferred customised positions. From sleeping to lounging, you might have just found the perfect bed that performs those.

Space Travel

Zero Gravity Position
Experience weightless support and enjoy pressure-free feeling just like the astronauts! Let your body repair and recover as you sleep in this Zero-G position that helps to distribute your weight evenly and keep your spine in a neutral position to release any tension build-up in your body.


Comfortable Back Support In Everything You Do

Elevates up to 60°
Sleeping in a slightly elevated position helps to improve digestion, and ease acid reflux symptoms and heartburn. Sitting up with the backrest as support reduces strains on the back and neck.


Improve Blood Flow For Better Health

Elevates up to 40°
Reduce the pressure at your legs by raising them for a few hours in a day. This is recommended by experts to regulate better blood flow and reduce the swelling of feet, especially if you’re always on your feet during the day.


Chase The Snores Away For Peaceful Nights

Backrest inclines at 15°
If you’re kept awake due to loud snores, or in severe cases, sleep apnea, have your head elevated to remove pressure from the throat and open up your nasal passage for smoother breathing.

Split Control
(King Only)

Separation isn’t always a bad thing
Perfect for couples who prefer different tilt positions so there’s no compromising on your preferences. Individual control also ensures that your partner’s sleep will not be disturbed. Even the type of mattress firmness can be different for both sides, depending on each of your preferences.


Prefer To Achieve The ‘Norm’ On Certain Days?

One click away, any time you want
Wish to get the mattress at its flat position for reasons such as bedsheet change, or on days that you just want to lie flat on your back? Do so easily with the “FLAT” button without having to recline the backrest and legrest individually.


All Your Favourite Positions In The Palm Of Your Hand

Customisable settings to suit your lifestyle and health needs
The wireless remote with LED backlight comes with preset positions and allows for programmable personalised settings. With just one touch of a button, you can easily adjust to your favourite positions, be it for watching TV or sleeping.


Designed To Keep Your Mattress In Place

Holds your mattress securely as you enjoy your adjustable bed
Don’t worry about the mattress moving, budging, or sliding off. The attached retainer bar will keep your mattress in place regardless of the adjustable bed’s position setting.

Why Baton Sleep Mattress


No motion transfer when sharing the bed, assuring you of an undisturbed sleep.


Removable mattress covers that are washable for maintaining good hygiene.


Choose between 2 levels of firmness with both providing the same pressure relieving comfort.


Innovative cooling fabric helps you fall asleep faster while keeping you cool throughout the night.


Vacuumed, and rolled up when delivered to you for your convenience and cost saving need.


Be assured that the foam used in our mattress is free from harmful chemicals, thus keeping you safe.


That’s 3,650 nights of restful sleep with a peace of mind.


Test the mattress for 30 nights with full refund and free pickup, if unsatisfied.


Bed Frame + Mattress of the same size

*discount auto-applied at checkout


See What They Say

We let our satisfied customers speak for us.
Read our reviews to help you with your purchase decision.


Multiple Adjustments
In The Palm Of Your Hand


Single, Super Single, Queen

Just let us know your address and we will deliver and fix up the adjustable bed for you – you don’t have to DIY unless that’s what you prefer.

Our adjustable bed’s mechanisms and electronics have been tested through and through to give you a peace of mind.

If the product is deemed defective during the warranty period under recommended usage, we will repair or replace some or all parts at our sole discretion, at no cost!

Backed by our parent company, Comfort Furniture, we have over 40 years of furniture experience. Trust our team for post-sales service.

Here’s All The Measurements You’ll Need*

  • KING


Which Is Right For You?

4 Sizes Available
  • KING
$ 828.00
4 Sizes Available
  • KING
$ 1323.00
4 Sizes Available
  • KING
$ 1487.00
1 Size Available
$ 1996 $ 1836.00
1 Size Available
  • Queen
  • King
$ 2136.00 $ 1746.00
2 Sizes Available
  • KING
$ 1946.00
2 Sizes Available
  • KING
$ 1836.00
2 Sizes Available
$ 1487.00 $ 1217.00

Feel It For Yourself
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Have a first-hand experience of the benefits of our Benita Adjustable Bed. We let you toss around and meddle with the remote at our showroom! (Rest assured, we won’t wake you up if you fall asleep here.)

We Answer Your

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does it come with free installation?

Yes! When the adjustable bed is delivered to you, our furniture specialists will fix it up for you so you can enjoy the product in no time.

Q2: Can I use the current mattress that I’m using on top of the adjustable bed frame?

You need to take into consideration a couple of aspects to determine if your current mattress can be used on the adjustable bed.

(i) Size & Thickness:

Your mattress can fit the adjustable bed frame if it follows the Singapore-standard sizes of mattress.
To help you with your purchase decision, take the measurements of your mattress and refer to the dimensions chart of the Benita Bed Base in the size of your interest.

Also, you need to factor in the thickness of your mattress. We recommend mattress thickness to be less than 12″ or 300mm. If it’s any thicker, it won’t be easy for the mattress to bend to conform to the elevation of the adjustable bed frame.

(ii) Type of Mattress:

Generally, it is alright to use foam or pocketed spring mattresses on an adjustable bed. If your current mattress is made of bonnell springs, then it is not advisable to be used on the adjustable bed as the elevation may affect the durability of the bonnell springs.

Q3: Can I fix the Benita base to the bed frame that I currently have?

If the opening of your bed frame is wide enough to fit the Benita Bed Base, then, yes. You should refer to the measurements of the bed base on our website or at our showroom, and measure the internal dimensions of your bed frame to help you with your purchase decision.

Q4: What does the warranty cover?

The motor and mechanisms are covered for 5 years; and the overall structure of the adjustable bed is covered for 10 years.

In general, the limited warranties cover against defects in workmanship or materials. Comfort Furniture shall repair or replace the defective part(s) at our sole discretion, at no cost to you if the motor or the structure of the adjustable bed is covered under the respective warranty periods.

The warranties as mentioned will be voided if:

(i) It’s suspected that the product has undergone modifications or repairs not authorised by Comfort Design Pte Ltd;

(ii) The adjustable bed has not been operated under recommended usage procedures outlined in the Owner’s Manual, or any other applicable document released by Comfort Design Pte Ltd.

Q5: Can I test out the adjustable bed before purchase?

Sure! Our adjustable beds are available for viewing and sample experiencing at our showroom. Head on down to 110 Eunos Avenue 7, Comfort Design Building, Level 2, Singapore 409573.

Our showroom hours are:
Mon to Sat: 9am – 6pm
Sun & (selected) PH: 10am – 6pm

Q6: Do I really need to buy 2 Single-sized mattresses for the Adjustable Bed in King size? Can I use 1 King-sized mattress on the Split King adjustable bed instead?

Yes it’s possible, depending on your preference! If you want to enjoy the split control, then you’d need to get 2 units of Single-sized mattresses. Using a King-sized mattress will not provide split control function, but that works out fine too.

If using a one-piece King-sized mattress is your preference, this is how you can still enjoy the adjustable bed – inclined/reclined both backrests at the same time by holding both “left and right backrest” buttons together.

Q7: Can I customise the colour of the headboard or full boards?

Yes! This can be done only at our showroom as you will need to refer to the fabric swatches from the array of colour choices that we have.

Q8: Do I really need an adjustable bed?

The benefits of sleeping on an adjustable bed have been proven by scholarly studies to improve your health. It has been proven to alleviate pains such as on the back, joints, and legs when the Zero-Gravity feature is utilised. Individuals who have heartburn and/or snoring issues have seen their condition(s) improved after sleeping on an adjustable bed.

That’s not all. Apart from using the adjustable bed for sleep, it functions as a piece of comfortable lounging furniture too, as the inclinable backrest lets you work and watch the TV without having to leave the bed.

You won’t scrimp on achieving good health, would you?

Q9: Is the adjustable bed noisy?

If you’re a light sleeper and you’re worried about the noise level of the adjustable bed, we have good news! No, there is minimal to no sound produced when the adjustable bed moves into position as it has quiet motors built in.

Q10: Do you dispose of my old bed frame for free?

In order to keep our logistics costs low, we do not provide furniture disposal service. Our delivery team is also not allowed to assist in disposing of the furniture at any common rubbish chutes as it is actually illegal to do so.

Nonetheless, please try the following channels for assistance on furniture disposal:

(i) HDB Flats
Please contact your respective Town Council as they provide complimentary “Bulky Household Item Removal Service” for residents.

(ii) Condominiums
Please contact your condominium’s Management Office for assistance. Alternatively, you may contact a licensed waste collector for their service (see link below).

(iii) Private Landed Housing Estates
Please contact a licensed waste collector for their service (see link below).

You may visit this link for the list of licensed waster collectors:
You’ll be looking at Class A for furniture discarding.

More information regarding waste management from the NEA website:

Q11: Can I place the adjustable bed on my platform bed?

Yes. Please ensure your platform bed is flat and has a strong structure to hold the weight of the Benita base.

Need us to advise you?

Let us know your concerns about the Benita Adjustable Bed and one of our furniture virtuosos will attend to your enquiries at a personal level.