Ballet Dresser

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Ballet Dresser

$299.00 $259.00

Ballet Dresser

Ballet is a petite dressing table that addresses your functional needs. Comes with 2 storage compartments, 2 placement holes (for stowing hair dryer and placing a container to store makeup brushes), as well as a "secret" mirror - Ballet Dresser's great for homes that don't wish to wall mount mirrors!

*Stool not included

Up Close & Personal

Sleek Chic
Sleek ChicSleek and petite, this dresser is a functional piece that can be tucked away in a corner in smaller spaces.
In The Nude
In The NudeThe natural palette of the rubberwood allows this dresser to seamlessly blend with other furniture in a modern home.
Mirror Image
Mirror ImageSay goodbye to mounting bulky wall mirrors when you can get a mirror just by a move of the foldable table top.
Hold My Drink
Hold My DrinkComes with 2 placement holes that are great to store hair dryers or even as a cup holder to prevent accidental spillage.
Magic Mirror
Magic MirrorA dresser is incomplete without a mirror - the mirror on the flipside of the collapsible tabletop is the perfect size for a makeover.
Easy Storage
Easy StorageComes with two storage compartments to fit all your vanity needs - with a drawer that is removable for easy access and mobility.
Old Wives' Tale
Old Wives' TaleThis collapsible dresser solves the issue of having your mirror constantly facing your bed, especially if that's the only position your dresser fits into.
Double Duty
Double DutyAs a multifunctional piece, you can double it up as a study desk on days where you need to get some work done at home.

Imagine It How It Can Accentuate Your Space

Ballet Dresser
Ballet Dresser
Ballet Dresser
Ballet Dresser
Ballet Dresser
Ballet Dresser
Ballet Dresser
Ballet Dresser
Ballet Dresser
Ballet Dresser
Ballet Dresser

Product Specifications

1 year warranty READ MORE



Solid rubber wood w/ wood knots


Overall size:
OW750 x OD430 x OH765 (OH1125 with mirror extended)
LW630 x LD400

Mirror size:
W210 x H250

Left side compartment internal Size:
IW290 x ID320 x IH110

Right drawer internal Size:
IW240 x ID350 x IH95

Placement Hole Size:

Height under drawer size:


OW - Overall Width
OD - Overall Depth
OH - Overall Height
SW - Seat Width
SD - Seat Depth
SH - Seat Height
AH - Arm Height
Thk -Thickness
Dia - Diameter
IW - Internal Width
ID - Internal Depth
IH - Internal Height
LW - Leg Width
LD - Leg Depth
LH - Leg Height
WH - Wood Plank Height
FH - Footboard Height

For all our office chairs, Arm Height (AH) and Overall Chair’s Height (OH) is taken when Seat Height (SH) is fixed at 450mm. Should an office chair’s SH be higher than 450mm, then AH and OH will be taken at the lowest available SH of that chair.

* All measurements given are in millimetres (mm).

Ballet DresserBallet DresserBallet DresserBallet Dresser

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