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  • Becca 1–Seater Sofa
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Becca 1–Seater Sofa


The Becca Sofa is a modern piece that's suitable for both corporate offices and homes. The thin metal legs of this sofa outlines the seat frame, giving Becca its signature style.

Available in 2 and 3 seater versions.

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Pls click individual option(s) for date info. Friday, 05 Mar 2021

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Dimension & Details


Dark Grey


Fabric + Steel


Becca 1–Seater Sofa: OW800 x OD750 x OH720
SW610 x SD500 (AH670) (SH420) – S$489.00

Becca 2–Seater Sofa: OW1280 x OD750 x OH720
SW1100 x SD500 (AH670) (SH420) – S$689.00

Becca 3–Seater Sofa: OW1820 x OD750 x OH720
SW1630 x SD500 (AH670) (SH420) – S$939.00


OW - Overall Width
OD - Overall Depth
OH - Overall Height
SW - Seat Width
SD - Seat Depth
SH - Seat Height
AH - Arm Height
Thk -Thickness
Dia - Diameter
IW - Internal Width
ID - Internal Depth
IH - Internal Height
LH - Leg Height
WH - Wood Plank Height
FH - Footboard Height

For all our office chairs, Arm Height (AH) and Overall Chair’s Height (H) is taken when Seat Height (SH) is fixed at 450mm. Should an office chair’s SH be higher than 450mm, then AH and H will be taken at the lowest available SH of that chair.

* All measurements given are in millimetres (mm).