Bamster Bench


Bamster Bench is the quintessential of the modern booth seat. It embodies simplicity, modularity and functionality. Bamster Bench works in a restaurant setting that's looking for face-to-face (deuce) booth seats. Should there be a need to change the store's layout, the benches are movable to be combined into a long row because they are not mounted to the ground. Bamster is so easy to clean as it comes with a smooth laminate finishing on the seat, and an open-concept base for brooms and mops to reach under. Bamster meets the needs of restaurants and homes these days!


Laminate + Steel Legs


W1200 x D5900 x H815 (SH465)

All measurements are in milimetres
W – Width D – Depth H – Height
SW – Seat Width SD – Seat Depth SH – Seat Height
OW – Overall Width OD – Overall Depth OH – Overall Height
Thk – Thickness Dia – Diameter Sq – Square
AH – Arm Height

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