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Deegan 3-Seater Sofa


The Deegan Sofa is a masterpiece of contemporary design. We love the sleek curves that can be found all over the sofa, as well as the asymmetrical seat design found uniquely in the 3 seater version. Deegan is a visually modern design despite being designed for a corporate environment.

Available in 1 & 2 seater versions.

Sold Out - Incoming shipment TBA

Dimension & Details


Cashmere Fabric + Galvanized zinc alloy


Deegan 3–Seater Sofa: W1850 x D705 x H780 (SH430) (AH615) – S$1325.00

Deegan 1–Seater Sofa: W840 x D705 x H780 (SH430) (AH615) – S$699.00

Deegan 2–Seater Sofa: W1290 x D705 x H780 (SH430) (AH615) – S$989.00