Jose 4Prong - Aluminium
Audi Showroom | Product Seen: [Agnes Dining Table – Dia700 & Jose 4Prong - Aluminium]
Office at Changi Business Park | Product Seen: [Jose 4Prong - Aluminium, Gaby 2-in-1 Coffee Table (Nestable), Roche Sofa - V2 & Game Modular Sofa]
Office at Changi Business Park | Product Seen: [Jose 4Prong - Aluminium & Gaby 2-in-1 Coffee Table (Nestable)]
Mixed Signals - Channel 5, Mediacorp | Product Seen: [Eam Aluminium Midback (replica) Office Chair & Jose 4Prong - Aluminium]
Project by EDM Concept @ Changi Business Park | Product Seen: [Jose 4Prong - Aluminium, Game Modular Sofa & Gaby 2-in-1 Coffee Table (Nestable)]
Project by EDM Concept @ Changi Business Park | Product Seen: [Jose 4Prong - Aluminium, Roche Sofa - V2 & Gaby 2-in-1 Coffee Table (Nestable)]
Project by ProjectGuru | Products Seen: [Jose 4Prong - Aluminium & Poignant Coffee Table - Dia480 - Walnut]
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Jose 4Prong - Aluminium


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Jose 4Prong - Aluminium


Jose 4Prong - Aluminium

Comfort Furniture’s R&D Team

The Jose Lounger is the extra seating you want without the extra space a typical large lounge chair would take up. It not only looks completely modern and contemporary, the comfort level is something else thanks to the thick amount of moulded foam used all over this chair. Comes with swivel-return function for a neat layout everytime.

Our red display unit is upholstered in the bouclé fabric for an extra cosy touch. Jose can also be upholstered in a wide range of fabric and faux leather options in our showroom.

The bouclé fabric, a name you may have not heard but definitely seen it around the internet, is comfortable and has a soft touch despite its nubby appearance. A simple fabric (some may even say plain) that is easy on the eyes yet highly textured to add a layer of visual interest to your furniture or interior – perfect to create contrast in an indescribably muted manner. Indeed, a previously dated lounger becomes instantly warm and exudes hygge vibes with the bouclé fabric. Derived from the French word boucler, which means “to curl”, bouclé is a heavy fabric that may even provide acoustic absorption. 

Up Close & Personal

Imagine It How It Can Accentuate Your Space

Jose 4Prong - Aluminium
EDM Concept Pte Ltd @ Changi Business Park
Jose 4Prong - Aluminium
EDM Concept Pte Ltd @ Changi Business Park
Jose 4Prong - Aluminium
Project by ProjectGuru

Product Specifications

1 year warranty READ MORE

Moulded Foam + PVC or Fabric upholstery + Die-Cast Aluminium Leg


OW760 x OD740 x H860 (Leg Dia700)
SW520 x SD550 (SH410) (AH610)


OW - Overall Width
OD - Overall Depth
OH - Overall Height
SW - Seat Width
SD - Seat Depth
SH - Seat Height
AH - Arm Height
Thk -Thickness
Dia - Diameter
IW - Internal Width
ID - Internal Depth
IH - Internal Height
LW - Leg Width
LD - Leg Depth
LH - Leg Height
WH - Wood Plank Height
FH - Footboard Height

For all our office chairs, Arm Height (AH) and Overall Chair’s Height (OH) is taken when Seat Height (SH) is fixed at 450mm. Should an office chair’s SH be higher than 450mm, then AH and OH will be taken at the lowest available SH of that chair.

* All measurements given are in millimetres (mm).

Jose 4Prong - AluminiumJose 4Prong - Aluminium

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