Laminated Tabletop With ABS Edging

Laminate table tops with ABS edging are tough & durable to withstand harsh restaurant or contract demands. Clients may choose to have matching or contrasting ABS edging colour (to the Laminate), giving them the design flexibility that they love.

What is Laminate?

High Pressure Laminate (HPL), or Laminates in short, have been a long time favourite in enhancing the visual impact of Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Offices, and Homes. Not only do Laminates come in a very wide range of designs & colours that can imitate anything from natural Woodgrains to Leathers to Metals, or simply sold colours, their durability have also been a recognised attribute in the renovation sector.

Produced from pressing multiple layers of Kraft paper, followed Barrier paper, Deco paper and Overlay tissue under very high pressure and temperature, Laminates are highly ec0-friendly and is one of the best interior materials to use. GreenLam’s range of Laminates also comes with special performance properties including anti-bacterial, as well as wear, fire (Class 0) and chemical resistant. GreenLam’s entire range of catalogue are also tested to be Greenguard-certified, meaning, it does not give off harmful properties in an inddor enclosed environment, and this testing has been carried out at both adults, as well as the more stringent, Children’s level.

Note: To clean Laminate tabletops, please use normal household cleaners like Mama Lemon). Please do not use lab grade or abrasive cleaners like Jif.

All measurements are in milimetres
W – Width D – Depth H – Height
SW – Seat Width SD – Seat Depth SH – Seat Height
OW – Overall Width OD – Overall Depth OH – Overall Height
Thk – Thickness Dia – Diameter Sq – Square
AH – Arm Height

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