Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
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Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa


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Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa


Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa

Bulge Corner 1-seater Sofa is a design piece on its own. Great for having it as a corner lounger, tucked in your safe space and immersing yourself with your favourite book. With its perfectly square shape, you’re free to sit in any direction – left arm up, right arm up, or having both arms up on the backrest – you’re not restricted! This arm 1-seater is best paired with the Bulge Ottoman where the utmost comfort is achieved when your feet are rested as well.

The Bulge Series is our most versatile modular sofa yet with limitless combinations. Achieve your ideal sofa setting with just 3 components: ottoman, armless 1-seater sofa and corner 1-seater sofa. Rearranging and expanding with those components are just a few zips away; redefining sprawling space with versatility and comfort without breaking the bank.

Filled with crumbed foams, they are soft and undeniably comfortable, yet won’t sag over time. With no sharp edges and free of hard internal structures, parents can be assured their kids will be safe to jump and hop on them.

From studio apartments to landed estates, the Bulge Series fits living space of any size, and is even great for an office’s breakout area.

Up Close & Personal

Endless Configuration
Endless ConfigurationPair this up with other Bulge components to get more seating arrangements.
Arm Yourself
Arm YourselfIf you love to lean on all sides of the sofa, the Bulge Corner is essential to you.
Comfort For Days
Comfort For DaysCrumb Foam fillings will not get flatten over time, ensuring the durability and long-term comfort of the Bulge Sofa.
Safe Playground
Safe PlaygroundWith no sharp corners or hard internal structures, parents can be reassured that their kids can play and jump around freely.
Zip Code
Zip CodeIndividual Bulge components can be connected easily with just a zip.
Stretched Out Comfort
Stretched Out ComfortCombine it with an optional ottoman to keep your feet elevated for improved blood circulation.
Easy To Lift
Easy To LiftComes with an attached handle to easily carry and shift around the sofa.
The Bulge Family
The Bulge FamilyHere's how you can expand the collection as your family's needs change with time.

Imagine It How It Can Accentuate Your Space

Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa
Bulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa

Product Specifications

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Weight of Product



OW970 x OD970 x OH800
SW550 x SD550 (SH370)
Seat Dia800 (Overall Dia1100)


OW - Overall Width
OD - Overall Depth
OH - Overall Height
SW - Seat Width
SD - Seat Depth
SH - Seat Height
AH - Arm Height
Thk -Thickness
Dia - Diameter
IW - Internal Width
ID - Internal Depth
IH - Internal Height
LW - Leg Width
LD - Leg Depth
LH - Leg Height
WH - Wood Plank Height
FH - Footboard Height

For all our office chairs, Arm Height (AH) and Overall Chair’s Height (OH) is taken when Seat Height (SH) is fixed at 450mm. Should an office chair’s SH be higher than 450mm, then AH and OH will be taken at the lowest available SH of that chair.

* All measurements given are in millimetres (mm).

Bulge Corner 1-Seater SofaBulge Corner 1-Seater Sofa

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Unbeatable comfort for lounging with Bulge Corner Sofa by Comfort Design
Bulge Modular Sofa is safe for kids to jump around freely, by Comfort Design

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