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Ever since its rise to popularity in 1920, banquette seats, better known as booth seats, have become the go-to seating for many restaurants or cafes. A great fusion of both aesthetics and functionality, banquette seating can instantly make any space feel cosy and inviting thus making them the seating of choice for more intimate and casual settings. You can also opt for a customised storage solution within the seat for maximised furniture use. Browse our wide range of fully customisable banquette seats here and turn your design dreams into reality today.

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3 Reasons Why Banquette Seats Are Great F&B Furniture

In the early 1920s, booth seats were not mobile and required significant installation work done. This made them rather cumbersome to fix in F&B outlets. However, if you’ve had your eye on the style of banquette seating but are not keen on getting clunky, space-eating restaurant or cafe furniture of the past then Comfort Furniture, Singapore is your best bet for stylish and practical banquette seats. Banquette seats are also now the go-to seating options for office pantries, which goes to say how much it suits dining places!

Beyond Aesthetically Pleasing

Banquette seating, or booth seating as it is more commonly known, are more than just aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture. Equipping your F&B outlet post-circuit breaker will be a breeze thanks to their ability to partition off areas, making it easier to adhere to our new normal of social distancing when enjoying a meal out. If space constraints are a concern, why not opt for an eclectic mix of styles by adding dining chairs or low stools in contrasting colourways and matching dining tables to make the most of whatever floor space you have and for an added quirky retro feel. Restaurant booths also offer a greater sense of privacy, more room for stretching out and less annoying traffic around patrons as they enjoy a cosy meal.

Undoubtedly Comfortable

Booth seating may prove more comfortable than conventional seating options such as dining chairs thanks to the cushioned seats and backrests. Restaurant booths provide padded seats and backs in addition to being sturdier than chair seats. They may also be safer for families with children as there is no risk of tumbling off a chair or leaning too far back.

Fully Customisable

The booth seats of the past may have been immovable once set up but with Comfort Furniture, Singapore’s expertise in creating custom-made restaurant and café furniture, booth seats don’t have to be a permanently immovable fixture. Several designs such as our Strap Booth #1 have a free-standing design that allows for layout reconfiguration whenever the need arises. It can also be built modularly, so adhering to social distancing measures is still easy to do since it remains mobile. Its backrest is also easily removed through our ingenious ‘slot & insert’ construction which allows for easy reupholstering works should the need arise in the future. With many customisable options available, you can play around with colours, sizes and types of upholstery or even add a hidden storage solution to your banquette seating to create a dining bench that will provide you with ample storage space for bulky takeaway boxes and other paraphernalia. A dining bench with additional storage space can be used to reduce clutter in your F&B outlet.

Unsure what kind of banquette seats would best suit your establishment? Shop from our generous selection of booth seats, or get a specially customised one if you prefer. At Comfort Furniture, Singapore we’re always ready to help you realize your furniture dreams. Contact us today to find out how our range of restaurant furniture can spruce up your F&B outlet!