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Whether it's for big feasts, dinner for two or everything in between, you can always depend on Comfort Furniture’s gorgeous and practical range of dining tables. Discover dining tables of all shapes, sizes and styles here at Comfort Furniture, Singapore.

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Dining Tables: For Big and Small Eats

Dining tables are the centrepiece of every restaurant. The style, shape and size of the dining tables in your establishment can enhance the look and feel of your restaurant. Similarly, you’ll also want office spaces to have appropriate pantry tables that blend well with the surrounding. Wondering how to choose a suitable dining table? Take a look at our simple guide to choosing furniture for your F&B space and make your establishment the talk of the town.

Make it Dynamic

The rule of thumb for establishments with dine-ins is to have tables for groups of all sizes. A surefire way of ensuring that is to invest in multiple small tables for two instead of bigger ones. You can always combine the smaller ones when required, but you can never break the bigger ones when in need of space. Given the need for safe distancing, this will prove extremely useful.

It’s also wise to get tables of varying heights. For instance, instead of just regular dining tables, you can consider getting high tables like bar, counter, or island tables for a more dynamic look and feel. Tables that are shorter such as coffee tables and side tables can also work if you have a chill and unwind area in your establishment.

Consider the Setting

The type of table you choose should depend on the dining environment or setting you wish to project. An establishment looking to project a homey, nostalgic vibe may want to incorporate rattan or marble café style dining tables into their layout rather than minimalist, all-white or glass-top commercial dining sets.

Size, Colour & Maintenance

Choosing the wrong size of dining table can greatly affect your eatery’s operations and may affect your peak-hour business. Too big of a dining table and it may prove to be cumbersome, while tables that are too small might hinder people from ordering more food.

It's also important to note what kind of material will best suit your restaurant or café. Luxurious, fine dining settings would benefit from a marble or faux marble tabletop, while casual eateries should consider using laminate or plastic tabletops for tackling spills and scratches.

The colour of furniture sets the mood and theme of your dining establishment. Brighter, vibrant colours project a fun, playful vibe while darker colour themes give a classier, posher ambience, fitting of a fancy restaurant.

Can’t decide which dining tables to incorporate into your eatery? Explore our comprehensive list of commercial dining furniture at Comfort Furniture and you may just find the dining table of your dreams today!