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Why Customers Love Us
Benita and Baton
August 31, 2022
Mattress is comfortable and suited for the adjustable bed frame. Soft enough to cushion contact points, but firm enough for back support. It creases due to folding, but this is expected unless a Spandex-like material is used for the top cover, that stretches without creasing. Otherwise, a stellar combination.
Fred Chia
Helena Ergo Standing Stool Helena Ergo Standing Stool Helena Fabric Color: Black
August 31, 2022
The Helena Ergo standing stool is fun, engaging and portable. It is just right
It's as cool as cucumber
August 3, 2022
Honestly, I was not sure if the Baton Hybrid Mattress really has the cooling effect that it claims when I tried it at their showroom because the place is air-conditioned. Now that I have it in my room without the AC turned on, I can confirm that the material used for covering the mattress is indeed cooling.
Justina Keong
Twinkle Sofabed - V2 Twinkle Sofabed - V2 Twinkle Colour Option: Camel
Just what I needed!
August 3, 2022
It's the right size, fits nicely into our study and it's firm and comfortable.
Albina Chan
Argo – PP + Tower Chair Argo – PP + Tower Chair Argo Tower Wood Base in Natural: Tower Wood Base in Natural Argo Plastic Seat Colour: Taupe Argo Plastic Seat Colour: Baby Blue
Firm & Sturdy
August 1, 2022
These Argo-PP chairs have a range of excellent colours that match existing decor. It is firm and sturdy and provides superb comfort.
Superb Comfort
August 1, 2022
Montana Side chair has excellent back support and provides superb comfort. It is lightweight, and the colour fits nicely into our interior decor.
Luv it!!!
July 31, 2022
Another chic piece added to my collection. So in love with this Xander series! Will add more to my collection. Hope Comfort can bring in the coffee table soon so I can place my order.
Jen Ho
Bulge Armless 1-Seater Sofa Bulge Armless 1-Seater Sofa Colour Option: Grey
Modern and comfy
July 30, 2022
First time customer. Never had armless sofa before. It is comfy and yet provides good back and bum support. Thickness just right for me, not too soft. I use it as my "work chair" as i like to sit cross legged :-)
David Brumpton
Leonard 3-Seater L-Shaped Sofa / Sofabed (Storage) - Beige Leonard 3-Seater L-Shaped Sofa / Sofabed (Storage) - Beige Colour Option: Medium Grey
Love it
July 27, 2022
Comfortable, we enjoy being able to stretch out after a long day.
We have not tried out the sofabed yet, but value the additional storage under the chaise.
Recommended to anyone looking for smaller lounge sofas.
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