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Why Customers Love Us
Sharon Tan
Tempo 3-in-1 Coffee Table (Nestable) Tempo 3-in-1 Coffee Table (Nestable) Colour Option: Natural
Wood / Natural colours scheme that I love for my home!
March 16, 2022
These nestable tables were heavier than I thought, and I love how they allowed me to expand the table surface for use whenever needed. I would’ve loved if the bases of the legs had protection for my tiled flooring, but they were sturdy enough (and balanced!) so this is a small issue that i can easily ignore!
Love it!
March 16, 2022
I love the flexibility it offers me to combine the units I need within a limited space, and to use the ‘extra’ units in other rooms that have a better use for these! The pamphlet to suggest various combinations gave me ideas too! Thank you!
Boon Ching Ng
Choyu Side Chair Choyu Side Chair Seat Colour: White
Value for money!
March 10, 2022
The design is unique. I would like it even more if the legs are real wood. Perhaps can consider a shade of paint that is closer to natural wood that matches that of Abang Wooden Arm Chair.
Boon Ching Ng
Abang – Wood Arm Chair Abang – Wood Arm Chair Abang/Adik Seat Colour: White Abang/Adik Wood Leg Colour: Natural Wood
Love it totally!
March 10, 2022
Very comfortable. Like the design and it goes very well with my wooden dining table.
Boon Ching Ng
Uranus Barstool – SH650 - Black Uranus Barstool – SH650 - Black Uranus Colour Option: White Frame
Transformed the counter top into a convenient work and eating place for my family!
March 8, 2022
I bought three of these stools and placed them around the countertop. My family has been eating and working off the countertop very often. We like the design and usability of the stools!
ting kok leong
Tulip Round Marble x Ohio Dining Table - Dia1000 Tulip Round Marble x Ohio Dining Table - Dia1000 Table Top: Natural Carrara Marble Ohio Colour: Warm Grey
February 19, 2022
It is a good fit for the overall vibe and environment.
Chun Hai Tan
Elephant Halved-Arm Chair Elephant Halved-Arm Chair Elephant Seat Colour: Dark Taupe Synthetic Leather
Practical, Chic
February 18, 2022
Looks modern and chic, soft and comfortable too. Doesn't take up too much space, perfect for quick clinical consultations in our new clinic.
Chun Hai Tan
Tabitha Lounger Tabitha Lounger Colour Option: Medium Grey
February 18, 2022
Looks modern and chic, lots of space to get comfy. Soft and comfortable too.
Neethu Mohanan
Astrid Highback Office Chair Astrid Highback Office Chair Astrid Mesh Colour: Orangey-Red Optional : Change from Castors to Non-Wheel version (Only if you don't want wheels): Not Required (S$0.00) Optional : PVC Floor Mat: Not Required (+SGD0.00)
Comfortable chair with good back support
February 12, 2022
This highback chair is good for people who need lower back support and have a long enough torso to use the head & neck support. I realised the neck support is not low enough for me. A midback chair would have been better probably as the neck/head support position is not suitable for my body. The lower back support is very good and recommended for everyone!
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