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Why Customers Love Us
Simply Beautiful
May 18, 2024
Both the Uno Tables are perfect for my settings. Best to get them in pairs
Love it!
May 18, 2024
Both the Uno Tables are perfect for my settings. Best to get them in pairs
Love it!
May 18, 2024
The product was of good quality, had soft closing features and easy to install. It blended in well with our tv console to create a seamless look
Simply love it !
May 1, 2024
1. Colour: Nice choice of colours to choose from to fit the decor of your home
2. Stable: Very stable chair, safe and suitable for children
3. Service: Good and efficient service. Chairs came in good condition
April 30, 2024
Previously had the Super Single size one and I loved it, so I had to get myself the same Regular firm when I upgraded my bed to Queen size. The best thing about this mattress is the cooling cover, so good especially for the hot weather nowadays. And it’s so easy to just remove the top layer to wash whenever dirty!
April 30, 2024
The perfect size to my small living room, not too big or too small. Still super comfy as a sofabed, no things poking out like other designs. I use it as a sofabed quite often to watch movie comfortably at night since I have no TV in my bedroom.
Nurul Afni Hidayah
Xander TV Console - W1650 Xander TV Console - W1650
April 30, 2024
Good height and size, fit my living room wall perfectly. It was a must to get this along with the matching sideboard and I really, really love the dark colour and woodgrain details. Just by adding this, my house looked 10x more beautiful instantly. Just nice the herringbone details matched my herringbone flooring too.
Love it... simple & trendy... outdoor or indoor...
April 29, 2024
This chair is light weight, plastic, simple & trendy... can be used indoor & outdoor... one piece chair... good for all occasion....
Love it!
April 28, 2024
Nice design and relatively light weight. The built is quite sturdy, it's compact and does not take up much space.
Good value for the price!
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