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Why Customers Love Us
Xiaowei Tan
Sintered x Dayboro Outdoor Dining Table - W1400 Sintered x Dayboro Outdoor Dining Table - W1400 Sintered Top: Armani Grey Dayboro Leg: Espresso Brown
Love it!
January 31, 2023
This dining table is a good buy - excellent material, so sturdy and so easy to care for! Love it!
Michelle Anne Ng
Sintered x Fossil Outdoor Dining Table - W1400 Sintered x Fossil Outdoor Dining Table - W1400 Sintered Top Colour: Armani Grey Fossil Leg: Dark Grey
Good quality
January 31, 2023
Solid table, and perfect for my small balcony. Love it!
Michelle Anne Ng
Dereck Outdoor Bench Dereck Outdoor Bench Colour Option: Dark Grey
Dereck Outdoor Bench - Love it!
January 31, 2023
It is a great bench and certainly, quality is good too!
Pearl An
Tempo 3-in-1 Coffee Table (Nestable) Tempo 3-in-1 Coffee Table (Nestable) Colour Option: Natural
Natural Wood Coffee Table
January 28, 2023
Super love this 3-in-1 coffee table! I fell in love with it the moment I see it at the showroom. The other coffee tables are a bit bulky to my liking.

Love this coffee table as:
1. Allows for flexibility to place them together or separately. I use 1 of the tables near to TV & it can also be used as side table.
2. Easy to keep them together to save space. Can slot them tgt to save more space.
3. Super love the natural wood & its color.
4. Design is unique

Highly recommended!
Ps Ong
Yato Halved-Arm Chair Yato Halved-Arm Chair Colour Option: Olive Green Colour Option: Ice Blue
My Special Yato Spot
January 25, 2023
My Special Spot at home is accompanied by my fav Yato Halved Arm Chair. It’s durable and water resistant making it the best choice for a sunny spot in my balcony for me to have a relaxing cup of tea or just working from home. The halved arms are perfect to lean back and relax and enjoy the “comfort” of a cosy home provided by Comfort Furniture. Thank you my dear Yato - You are my reliable companion at home for all occasions “rain” or “shine”
Samuie Tarjalia
Elephant Barchair – SH650 Elephant Barchair – SH650 Elephant Seat Colour: Dark Blue Fabric Leg Option: Black Steel
Stylish & Comfortable
January 20, 2023
I love the harmony the chair gives to my kitchen island. It is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to sit on. The backrest is extremely comfortable. I live alone yet I’m thinking if I should get another one to make it a pair. The blue fabric is soft and stylish,. Cushy!
Joseph Wong
Elevate Height Adjustable Table Elevate Height Adjustable Table Colour Option: Black
Sturdy adjustable table
January 14, 2023
Very sturdy and solid adjustable table. Great for small spaces and perfect for eating at couch. Second buy, and really worth the price.
Joseph Wong
Rotar Stool Rotar Stool Colour Option: Light Green Colour Option: Dark Grey Colour Option: Mustard
Nice Stackable Stool
January 12, 2023
Compact and nice stool. Stackable and very sturdy, unlike some which legs are thin and therefore flimsy. The curve stackable legs also gives it a unique look.
Shiao Jiun Lam
Troy Barchair - SH650 Troy Barchair - SH650 Troy Chair Colour: White Troy Chair Colour: Black
A Good Find!
January 7, 2023
So glad I found this barstool for my island! Perfect!
Shiao Jiun Lam
Distinct 2–Seater Sofa Distinct 2–Seater Sofa Colour Option: Light Grey
January 7, 2023
Reasonably priced. Perfect for my small cozy living room :)
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