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Comfort Acrylic Shield - W900 + Access Hole Comfort Acrylic Shield - W900 + Access Hole
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Comfort Acrylic Shield - W600 Comfort Acrylic Shield - W600
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Comfort Acrylic Shield - W1200 Comfort Acrylic Shield - W1200
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Comfort Acrylic Shield - Foldable Comfort Acrylic Shield - Foldable
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The lifting of the circuit breaker signifies the start of the new normal where safe distancing is mandatory, for both people and businesses alike. Safeguard yourself and your establishment with Comfort Furniture’s new range of acrylic shields as we all do our part to create a brighter and healthier future. Browse our range of table barriers, partition screens, dividers and more right here to find the best fit for your establishment.

Safe Distancing Made Easier With Comfort Acrylic Shields

With the emergence of Covid-19, safe distancing has become the new normal and is an essential part of the SOP practiced everywhere around the world to combat the virus. Known for their novelty solutions to everyday problems, Comfort Furniture has created the Comfort Acrylic Shield in response to the efforts to fight the pandemic and make social distancing easier and a lot safer. With F&B outlets and offices among the establishments faced with figuring out ways to make daily interactions safer, implementing table barriers in the form of acrylic table shields and partition screens are among the easiest ways to ensure business can go on as normally as possible while keeping patrons and staff safe. How can Comfort Furniture help your business adhere to the rules of the new normal? Read on to find out more.

Comfort Acrylic Shield - W600, W900, W1200 & W1500

Although your staff may be donning face masks and face shields, there’s no guarantee that visitors or patrons to your establishment will be able to do so the entire time they are in your establishment, particularly when they are eating in F&B outlets. Hence, installing table barriers or dividers will act as sneeze guards to prevent customers from potentially spreading the virus via bodily fluids from sneezing or coughing. A table divider such as our W900 or W1500 Comfort Acrylic Shield also comes with an access hole and would be suitable for protecting receptionist desks or cashier counters in retail stores. The W600 model works perfectly for smaller dining tables and may be suitable for F&B outlets where there are more individual table seats. Each variant of our Comfort Acrylic Shield is built for different situations but is easily applicable to almost all tables thanks to their stable self-standing capability and firm bases, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. They’re also transparent, thus preventing visual blocking and allowing stains to be spotted easily with minimal impact on your interior’s aesthetics.

Comfort Acrylic Shield - Foldable

As the name suggests, the Comfort Acrylic Shield - Foldable gives you the option of folding in the sides of the shield to better function as a sneeze guard on either side of the table. The foldable acrylic table shield is built to fit more flexible layouts, hence you can opt to fold the shields to form individual ‘cubicles’ around workstations, or combine several shields seamlessly for a longer partition. This makes them an excellent choice for tight spaces such as offices where space is a precious commodity. Additionally, their clear surfaces can double as a memo board or as a board for pasting post-it notes.

Guard Polycarbonate Partition Screen

If space constraints are not a concern, installing a partition divider might be your best option for full coverage and privacy. Great for restaurants, lobbies, staff pantries, breakout areas, gyms and other open spaces, the Guard Polycarbonate Partition Screens are functional beyond the needs of a pandemic as they are aesthetically pleasing as well. Partition dividers are placed on the floor and won’t take up precious table space, a particularly important detail for F&B outlets where customers might want plenty of table room for their orders. They are also portable, thus making a change of layouts a breeze.

Safe distancing doesn’t have to be a chore with Comfort Acrylic Shields. In need of a specially customised version of our acrylic shields? Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask for a quotation today!