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A home office just isn’t complete without the stars of the show: a functional, solid study table paired with a comfortable study chair that can help you to work with ease. Not only are study tables used for home offices, but they can also be placed in the bedroom. Take a look at our collection of study tables at Comfort Furniture, Singapore today.

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Edgar Study Table - W1000

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Deliver 24/05

Apex Study Table - W1200

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Apex Study Table - W1500

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Apex Study Table - W1800

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Tyson Study Table

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Togoshi Height Adjustable Table Togoshi Height Adjustable Table
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Cable Management Table - W1400 Cable Management Table - W1400
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Cable Management Table with Customised Leg Cable Management Table with Customised Leg
Customisable Colour & Size

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Cable Management Table with Sole Leg Cable Management Table with Sole Leg
Customisable Colour & Size



Home Office Essentials: Study Tables

One of the key elements to increasing productivity and comfort levels is by having the right furniture to begin with. Study desks are often where all the work gets done, hence it should be a piece of furniture that’s designed to not just be aesthetically pleasing but practical and comfortable as well. It goes without saying that setting up your home office space the right way starts by getting a functional, well-built study table.

Desk Size

When choosing a study table for your home office or bedroom, it’s important to consider the size of the table and available space. A smaller study table is commonly used in the bedroom while a spacious home office can afford a bigger study table.

The importance of your desk size also extends to its height as a study table’s height affects your comfort levels, focus and posture. When choosing the ideal height for your study desk, consider who will be using the table. If the study table is meant for a child, perhaps a study table with adjustable legs may be the better choice so that the table can be adjusted accordingly as they grow. You can also opt to add an ergonomic study chair to go with it to help you or your child maintain good posture while working or studying.


Study tables these days also come with a variety of storage solutions. For example, a study table that is built with a shelf or drawers. A study table with a shelf or two is great for clearing your workstation of visual clutter, thus helping you to continue with work uninterrupted. However, if an attached storage solution isn’t your cup of tea, you can also add shelving and storage options to your study room to avoid distracting clutter. At Comfort Furniture, Singapore, you can find shelving solutions that match your study table for a more harmonious interior design. Pair a wooden study table with wooden shelves for a rustic vibe. Or if you prefer minimalism, an all-white set will look just as stunning!

Hoping to customise your wooden study table? We have more than a hundred laminate colour options for you to select from. Choose from woodgrain to terrazo prints in the easy-to-maintain laminate top. Besides customising the finishing, we can also customise the size so it fits your area just right. With Comfort Furniture’s in-house carpentry department, you will be spoilt for choice!

Browse our range of study tables and find the one that fits your needs today.